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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator

Want to index your site? You will have to take care of certain things. And XML sitemap generator helps you get your site ranked on the top. The search engines usually crawl your site multiple times a day, so if you keep updating the content, your website will rank higher.

The crawlers crawl the site for several sites. If you want to get crawled properly and want crawlers to find new and amazing things, you must structure it properly. And structuring a site means you are doing a sitemap.


What Is DjSeotools’ XML sitemap, and how should I Use It?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. Basically, it is a file format that is machine-readable. And search engines can easily read it. An XML sitemap is a document that will help Google and other search engines to understand what is on your website.

The sitemap lists all URLs of the site in a structured way that allows the site engines to crawl the engines. If there is a properly structured page on your website, then it will be ranked soon and very easily.  


How to Use XML sitemap?

We are here with the best and free tool to make your site rank quicker. Below are the simple steps to follow:

  1. First, enter the URL in the given space
  2. Then specify the custom parameters according to your preferences
  3. Then click the "Generate Sitemap" option
  4. After the tool will complete the process, and you will see sitemap details. There will be the number of pages, XML file content, and a list of broken links.
  5. Then you have to click next and download the file in .xml format
  6. Then proceed towards the root directory of the website and then put the file in the domain root folder, then unzip it and upload

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