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About Word Counter Pro

Word Counter - Free Online SEO Tool 

Word Counter is an online tool that counts words, characters, sentences from your given content. The number of words in a text or paragraph is called its word count. Word counting may be required when a text is written within particular numbers of word limits. It is commonly used in writing and typing jobs to determine the price per word. Whatever the reason is, for which you decide to use this tool, it should be helpful for you to write according to your desired word count.

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About Word Counter

There were times when people had to count their written content manually but, now you need not worry about the word count of your content manually. There are many word counters available online to help you count words. Some are free but, most are paid for their advanced features. Free Word counter by djseotools is a simple and easy tool to count the number of words and characters online.


Importance of using our Word Counter

This counting tool is equally effective for students, teachers, content writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and web owners. Professional writers often need the word count as they usually charge the clients per word. A reader may want to know how many words are there in an article. A blogger may also need this information in building a better blog or website; therefore, finding out the exact word count is essential. You can trust our tool to help you count characters and words in your text-related projects.


DjSeoTools' Word Counter

Our word counter free online tool is simple to use. You can copy and paste the text or paragraph to find out the word count in the text box. If you had been counting your words manually for the last many years, then it could help you decrease your workload. You will get 100% accurate results in the blink of an eye. It will answer these questions by checking your given text:

  • How many words your text has?
  • How many characters are there in your text?



What difference our Word Counter makes from others.

No doubt, there are multiple text counters available, but our tool is more promising and reasonable. Along with its simple interface, it is designed with advanced features you scarcely find in other essay word counters available online. In addition, this tool is not an average word counter; it is an extensive and concise text analyzer. Woah, and you practice all this without paying a single penny.


Role of Word Counter in the world of Social Media

Word count is indispensable while posting some content on social media.


  • Facebook is the most user-friendly social media platform. It lets its users publish long-form content but wouldn’t allow posts longer than 63,206 characters.
  • Some years ago, Twitter allowed 140 character-long limits for posts. Now, it has doubled its character limit to 280 characters in 2017. According to a report, Tweeter encourages 240-259 characters as the ideal range.
  • Instagram photo or video captions must be 2,200 characters long with 30 hashtags maximum.
  • Similarly, Google recommends 1500 to 1800 words for web content if you want your website to rank on the first page on Google.

After knowing the importance of word count limits, you always need to enable your content not to cross the word count limit of these social media platforms. In simple words, you always need to stay on point; for this to ensue, you need a word counter tool.


Does Google prefer longer content?

Indeed, quality content is better than lengthy content. The only reason for user-friendly high-ranking content isn’t merely the length of the content at all, but it’s more than just the length. However, Google and other search engines prefer longer content, as it covers the topic more descriptively than short-length content. Here are some advantages long content has:


  • Longer content means having more backlinks.
  • Longer content means enjoying more social shares.
  • Longer content means more organic traffic.
  • Longer content means having high social engagement.
  • Longer content means ranking higher on Google SERP.


You can touch the sweet fruit of success by writing longer and comprehensive pieces of writings. But bear in mind, it must be uncompromising in quality as well.


Why need to use an online Word Counter?

Well, first of all, if you’re wondering why to use an online Word Counter Tool, then start counting your content manually. After calculating a couple of words, you will realize that it's challenging and hectic. Besides, It's also time-consuming to count a lengthy document. Why need this all boring practice when you can easily do this activity using a tool like our word counter. Try our word calculating free online tool, count the number and character of words with DjSeoTools. It is a fast word calculator that shows accurate results.


Length of your content affects SEO

Online word count for content is considered to be the key to success. The length of your content and the response of your target audience also relate to it. An SEO expert or a content marketer always keeps SEO on his top priority list. Being an article writer, blog post writer, digital marker, or webmaster, you know the role of SEO in the digital world. It is vital to make sure that the articles you write or post on your site or webpage are perfect from an SEO perspective.


Features of Word Counter by DjSeoTools

DjSeoTools has introduced a long list of SEO tools to help you make your work easy and time-saving. One of them is our best free essay word counter that counts words and characters from your content. Below are some key features of our user-friendly tool.


Free of cost.

Many online word counting tools are serving for free but, their services are limited to free versions. You can enjoy their advanced features after paying a handsome amount. Why waste your money when we have a tool far from all these limitations. It provides you with all functions of paid tools but, it's 100% free of cost.


Super fast and accurate

This tool is second to none in its accuracy and super fast speed. It shows accurate and detailed results. You only need to write or paste your copied text into it. It will let you know the exact number of words and characters immediately.



No account creation

This tool is free from the limitations of signing up or logging in. It demands no creation for an account by asking for your data. You only need to click on http://djseotools.com//wordcounter.


Handy and time-saving.

It's a handy and time-saving best free SEO essay word counter. It's so simple that you can use it even if you are not an expert. It saves your time by counting the words and characters of your lengthy content. You need to access it with a good internet connection.


Secure and reliable

Our word counter is secure and reliable like all other SEO tools by DjSeoTools.It doesn't save any text or document you enter into it for word count. It automatically deletes your data without viewing or securing it. As your content is your property so, we respect your privacy.


How does it work?

Our online word counter is a free tool with having a user-friendly interface. It is free of cost yet has all the features of paid ones. It is introduced to enable you to find out the number of words in your given text. Here are a few steps; you need to follow if you are going to check the word count of your text.


  • First of all, click on this link https://djseotools.com/word-counter.
  • Now, copy and paste your text or paragraph into the text box and click on the “Count Words” button.
  • Our tool will automatically scan and fetch the results immediately, including the “Total Words” with “Total Characters”.
  • It is the best free online word counter tool. Isn’t it magic?


Your privacy, Our priority

Many online essay word counter tools provide you with free service, but at the same time, they store your text in their servers when you use them, but we respect your privacy. We do not store or even view your content when using our tool. Our SEO tools are designed in a way that they delete content on the spot. We guarantee that your text is 100% safe and only accessible by you.

Final words

Lastly, our free online word counter is one of the best SEO tools you find online. It is designed to help you count your text, paragraphs, essays, and other documents. We always try to introduce such SEO-friendly tools at DjSeoTools that help you decrease your workload. Furthermore, these tools are 100% free, accurate, reliable, and available 24/7 at your ease. You only need to have a good and speedy net connection. You can also enjoy using our other Free Tools like Article Rewriter, Reverse Image Search, Mobile-Friendly Test, and Keyword Position Checker.