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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker - Free Online Tool

Do you want to check the status of your website? Then we are here to help you out. All you have to do is enter the URL below in the server checker. Then our tool will help you check the status.

Our server status checker tool will help you check whether the websites' status is showing online or offline. Whenever the browser requests a website, the status codes are returned


When the search goes wrong, the browser will show the code, and that code shows that there is some error in the website. If you are having a website, or if you are a website master, then you can check the status of the server using our tool. You can run a single test by entering all URLs.

The test on our website will run after you will enter the URLs and then click the button. You will soon see the results. There will be codes displayed against each domain that you entered, and you will know what is happening to the site.

You must keep a regular check on the status of your site using our server status checking tool. And after that, you must take quick action if your website goes down.

As your site grows, it will become important to check whether it is working. You must check its status and confirm what changes you need to add. If you ignore the changes, your website will slow down. Your hosting will fail, and network performance will also be slow.

There are a lot of benefits that constant checking of a website provides. If you will use our tool for monitoring the website, you will easily get rid of the errors that usually occur. The sooner you will detect the issues, the more convenient it will become for you.