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If you know about using modern equipment and their use, you might know how to take screenshots, especially on the computer. But do you know that taking a screenshot of any website as a visitor is almost different, or you may say completely different?

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As a web admin or the manager of an online site, you may receive several customer complaints that your website is not functioning properly. Most people think that the website has a virus in it. Here, the first thing you need to do is understand the problem and know what is happening.

You must ask the site visitor what problem he is facing. But sometimes, the visitor does not understand the question that you are asking. Now, here comes the biggest problem.

In such cases, you must ask your visitor to take a screenshot of the site, and then he must send it to you. But here, some visitors will not know how to take the screenshot. The commands for taking the screenshots are different on different laptops.

The steps of taking the screenshot and then mentioning where the problem is occurring can be really hard. And you cannot explain all that, and users will also get tired of listening to it. The best thing you can do over here is to visit the site by yourself and examine what is happening.

You cannot tell the whole process to the visitor as he will get tired of doing all the processes. And the result can be in the terms that the visitor will soon leave your site without checking it. In such cases, all you have to do is copy the site's link and paste it into our tool. Then you will exactly know what is happening to the site and how it needs improvement.