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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool

You can turn the long URLs that are dynamic into static ones. Our rewriting tool is perfect for you for URL. Our URL rewriting tool will help you convert the long dynamic URL tools into short and static URLs.

Many website owners, SEO experts, and webmasters use this tool to make the links static. The static and short links are used for making everyone remember the site, and end-users can easily bookmark the site whenever they want to. The static URLs help optimize the website and rank it on the search engines.


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How are URLs Beneficial?

Whenever you create a website and want to make it ready for search engine optimization. It takes a lot of time and also a lot more effort. The more effective the URL is, the higher your website will rank.

If you still use dynamic and long URLs, then they are not SEO friendly. You must improve the URL so it can attract a lot of users and make your site more SEO friendly. We have the best URL rewriting tool that will quickly generate the URLs in a single click.


How to Use Our URL Rewriting Tool?

Our URL rewriting tool is simple and user friendly. All you need to do is copy the URL and paste it in the space given in our tool. You will get the static and short URL in a very short while. We have developed this tool of URL rewriting, so you can easily check what you need.

A static URL is always better as compared to a dynamic long URL. You can easily check the website and rank it. The shorter the URL will be, the sooner it will rank on Google. The dynamic links are ranked very slowly on Google. So, if you want to earn through google and need more visitors, use our tool.


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