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For encoding or decoding a URL, you will need the best online tool. We are here with a URL encoder and decoder that will help you in this case. You will have to enter the URL and then click the relevant button.

Our online URL Encoder/Decoder tool helps add the special characters in the URL parameter, also known as per cent encoding. In the process of URL encoding, you can replace the unallowable characters with the percent sign (%), and you can also add the two extra hexadecimal values. When URL decoding works when you will set an email campaign.


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What Is URL Encoding and URL Decoding?

URL encoding is used in the query string, and it is also known as Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The users want to use the URL encoding on special symbols. Our free online encoder and decoder tool will help you a lot.


How to Use Our Online URL Encoder/Decoder Tool and How it Works?

We have the best URL Encoder/Decoder tool for you, and it works when you add a string to your text. You will have to enter it in the space given. Then you will have to click on Encode or Decode options. You will get the results very soon.

Our URL encoding or decoding tool is best for everyone. URL encoding is also known as Percent encoding. It is a procedure to encode the specific information in definite situations in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). This contains both Uniform Resource Name (URN) and Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

If you think about what types of URI characters are, they are specially reserved. And even some are unreserved like percent sign. The reserved characters are the characters that have special meaning, like the slash character that means to give space.