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About Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search


A reverse image search is an SEO tool that helps users search for images, using an image as the base rather than a search query in written form. It is an online search strategy in which you use an image or picture instead of a written keyword as the query.


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What is reverse image search?

Whenever you need to search for something on the internet, you write your desired keyword in the Google search bar to get information. But, if you need to search for something using an image instead of words, reverse image search will help you find your matching results. For example, if you have an image of a plant and want to know its name and uses, this tool will help you provide all information about that plant by using that image as the starting point.


Which factors affect reverse image search?

Different factors affect reverse image search. For example, some reverse image tools use colors to find the results. They form a color histogram to compare it with other images stored in the directory. If this histogram matches others, the matched images appear on your internet browser. Reverse image search scans your provided image. Besides, It also scrutinizes the textures and transforms their information into 2D grey graphs; it uses this information to compare and fetch matching results. The shape is another prominent feature in reverse image search. Excepting these factors, it uses a particular algorithm to match the input images with others stored in the directory.


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Google Reverse Search Image

Google reverse image search or Google search by image is a modern online service by Google. It allows users to search for relevant pictures and information by using an image. You can search on Google to fetch information about different objects, persons, or places. You can conduct this activity on your iPhone or Android with Google Chrome or using your computer. You only need to upload an image or a link, and Google will search and fetch related pictures in the blink of an eye.


Reverse image search on an iPhone or iPad

Google Search by Image is available on the desktop version; it is not available in the iOS version of Safari, but you can access the feature in several ways while using iOS devices. First of all, tap on the Google Lens icon available on the top corner of search results in Google Images. It will start searching from this image. Google Lens is also embodied in the

Google Photos app, available for iOS devices. Choose an image from your gallery and tap on the Google Lens icon. Google will fetch all the related results after a quick process.


Reverse image search on an Android device

You can do Google photo search on an Android phone in different ways as using speech or text, clicking on an image, and pressing down with your finger or thumb just for a second. Now you will see the option Search Google for this image. If you are using the Chrome browser, you will find this Search Google for this Image option on pressing down on an image.


Google reverse image search on a computer

There are two ways to do a Google image search on a computer. You can do it by uploading a file from your computer or searching for an image you find on the internet. Google reverse image search works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Using an image from your files:

Open on your computer and click on the camera icon to upload an image for reverse image search. Select the Upload an image; select Choose File to scan your files, and choose a picture to search. You can also drag and drop an image file into the browser window. After selecting an image from your files, click on it and choose Open. Google will show results related to your search image.


Using an image from the internet:

Choose the image you want from the internet and right-click on it. Now choose the option Copy image address in the pop-up. Open in your browser and click on the camera icon to start a reverse image search; select the option Paste image URL and paste the URL. Last but not least, click on the option Search by image. In a while, Google will show you the result related to your image. You can also drag and drop an image into the search box or right-click on a picture and select Search Google for an image. Google will show you the results in a new tab.


How to reverse image search by DjSeoTools.

Reverse image search by DjSeoTools is quite simple. All you need is to paste the URL of the image you want to search. You can also do a reverse search image by choosing and uploading a file from your device.




Entering a URL:

You can directly paste the URL of the image you want to search in the box saying Enter a URL. Then click on submit button and wait. Our super-smart same image finder tool will scan through billions of web pages and fetch the related results from Google, Bing, and Yandex. You can go with anyone by clicking on Check image. You can also check images from all these search engines one by one. In addition, you can also save these images by downloading them.



Choosing a file:

If you don't want to do a reverse search image by entering a URL, our best free online tool offers you another simple way to search images. You can perform this activity by choosing a file. For this purpose, click on Choose File to upload an image from your device and Submit. Our tool will immediately show you the results. It will fetch similar pictures from Google, Bing, and Yandex. You can get related images by clicking on Check images from the search engines you want. You can also check and download similar or related pictures from all these search engines one by one.


How it makes things simple

Whenever you need some information about something, you usually go to Google and write your related keyword in the search bar to get information. For example, if you want to know about the best places, you can google it by writing the best places in the world. In a while, Google will fetch the best results it finds. Now suppose if the situation is different. You see a picture of a beautiful place you wish to be there but have no information about it.

What will you do then? How would you search for the place you are crazy to visit? No worries, let reverse image search help you. It will fetch all the related information for you about that place. Isn't it amazing?


Top 6 benefits of using our Reverse Image Search Tool

You can do many amazing things with reverse image photo search, but here are the top 6 of them:


Get similar images

Sometimes you have a specific image and want to have some more, being the same in looks and different in style. In this situation, Google image search reverse meta will let you find identical or related images to the sample image.




Discover the origin of an image

You can find the origin of an image by reverse photo search. Sometimes you want to know about the original owner or creator of the image to give him credit but don't know about him. This tool will help you discover the actual sources of that image.


Learn more about things

Reverse image search helps you learn more and more about different things. If being a student, teacher, chef, researcher, or content writer, you come across some images that don't have any information. What would you do then? Would you like to guess what they are or prefer to have all information about them? I am sure you would like to go with the second option. In this situation, our tool will provide all the information you need.


Earn backlinks

Using backlinks is the most persuasive method of growing traffic on Google and other search engines. You can improve your rankings with the help of backlinks. Our tool will help you find people using your photos without giving you credits. In addition, you can ask them to cite you as the creator and link back to your web page.


Identify people, places, and things.

If you have some photos of people, places, or things you don't know about them? No matter! All you need to do is upload them and let reverse photo search do its job to help you by fetching identical images or information online.


Detect fake accounts and posts on social media

With the help of a reverse image search tool, you can detect fake accounts by conducting a validity test on their profiles and pictures. Furthermore, by employing somebody to work for you through social media, you can check if they are genuine or fake with the help of reverse image search.



All SEO tools, at DjSeoTools, including the reverse image search, are 100% free, accurate, and secure. We respect your privacy and never save your content or information in our database.



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