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About Readability Checker

Readability checker tool

We have the free readability checker tool for you. If you do not know about readability, then it determines how easy your content is. The readability measure shows whether your content is worth reading or not. There is an algorithm set for checking the readability. The readability of the text is measured by syntax, presentation, and complexity of a text. After checking all the measures, you are given a readability score. It is an estimate of how your text will appear to other users and whether it is understandable or not.

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Effect of Readability on SEO:

If you are thinking about how readability affects SEO, then this part of the blog is worth reading! As said by many experts, readability does not influence SEO.  There are many other ranking factors that Google uses other than checking readability. These factors include Bounce rate, Click-through rate (CTR), Returning visitors, and Time on page. These all belong to the user experience and how the user feels when reading a blog. But if your text is not easy to read and unattractive, then users may also leave the site in no time,

If your content is hard-to-read, then it won’t rank on the top results and it has bigger chances of Higher bounce rates, low visitors, and Lower CTRs. Google will soon know that visitors are not interested to read your content and create a negative impact on the SEO.

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How to Increase Readability?

The readability of your content will be easily increased by the following measures:

  • Using simple words
  • Using more transition words
  • Trying to keep text in active voice
  • Making Paragraphs short
  • Using headings and subheadings

These are the measure through which your readability score will increase. The readability tool that is offered by us helps you go through the check, calculate the readability score and eventually help you correct the errors. By using our tool, you can rank your text on Google and attract more users. In addition, it will also help you in making future texts more user-friendly and content worth reading. As a result, it will rank faster.