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About QR Code Generator

QR code Generator

DjSeotools have newly introduced a free QR code generator tool. What is QR code? Well, it is a two dimensional version of any barcode. It is made up of pixel patterns that are in black and white colors. These were developed by a Japanese subsidiary named Denso Wave. These were developed for making components in order of accelerating logistics processes for all the automobile production. Now, these QR codes are find in every industry. QR means Quick Response. It refers to the information that we can gain instantly hidden in the form of a code.


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How to create free QR code?

QR code can be created easily with our free online tool available. There are simple steps that you will need to follow for generating the QR code. First you will need to select the type. In this part, you can choose from vCard, Twitter, Bitcoin, URL, Plain Text, Email, WiFi, and SMS etc. But there are some codes that are not eligible.

After selection, you will need to fill the details. You must enter the information that you will need to fill in the fields. This can be contact information, text, link or any other type of information. After your selection, select option of Generate. Then you will need to download the QR code. There are options of ranges in which you can choose the QR code. Either you can choose a QR code in standard colors that is black and white QR Code. Or you can choose different colors and frames for making it attractive. If you have selected, then go to proceed download option.

There are several other features as well that you can add to your QR code. These include adding logo in your QR code, mainly at center. Or you can also create multiple QR codes at once. You can also collaborate with team and share designs.

Unlock the cool features now and use our free QR code generator tool. It will help you creating more attractive designs in no time. Our tool is free of cost and is also totally private and secure.