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Privacy Policy

12/29/2021 12:00 AM

  Privacy Policy

We make sure that there is an issue with our users who use our tools regarding their privacy. Our main aim is to make sure that your data is private and you are not facing any security challenge. Our privacy policy is meant to provide the users with an extremely safe environment.

We have kept the privacy policy for integrating the Terms of Service and License Agreement. We collect only certain information for you. The data we collect includes Personal and Non-Personal. We make sure to keep it safe and also secure.

Why DjSEO tool collects your information?

We at DjSEO tools collect your information for several reasons. Below are the reasons why we collect your information:

  1. For communicating and also building the connection between you, so we can get proper feedback about what do you want and get honest feedback from you
  2. By collecting your data, we can easily manage our site and add the changes that will make our site more user-friendly and amazing.
  3. We also use your data to email you if we have a new tool or anything added to our tools (the new things include the updates like adding changes according to Googles’ algorithms)
  4. Moreover, we also keep your data for the transaction of the data quickly

Rights that the DjSEO tool will have:

We will have the following rights and permissions:

  • We use the data for the service providers, and they try to check what issues you are facing, how to manage and also maintain the tools
  • We only share your personal data after you will accept the terms of conditions
  • Our right is to ensure that all your data is secure; we try to preserve, access or disclose your data after you permit it.

We do not profit from your data, and we only share it if necessary. But we do not sell the data or disclose it to any third party.

Do We Use Cookies?

The web browsers use the cookies for providing personalized content and as a result, they remember the account settings and login credentials. DjSeotools also uses cookies and other similar technologies that also include web beacons and also tracking pixels.

The cookies help in collecting the usage and analytic data that will help in providing services by our site to you.

It also helps us in delivering the ads that are relevant with DjSeotools services and also the products when you will browse the pages on-site and third party sites.

You need not worry about us as we do not share personal data with third parties for any purpose or reason.

There are several reasons why we use cookies. The reasons for which we use the cookies include:

 1. They will help you remember and also process the items in the shopping cart

2. To understand and also save the user preferences

3. For tracking and analyzing the user activity, in this way you can have a better experience

You can also choose the option of turning off all the cookies. You can also choose in having your computer warn you when a cookie is sent. You can do this by going to browser settings.

Third-Party Disclosure:

The main thing that you must keep in mind is that we do not sell or trade your data to a third party. We only use third party links in our posts for helping our readers by improving the content.

But if you will use the external links, we do not guarantee their authenticity. We recommend you do your own research before you visit any other site.

Working of Third Party apps and services:

There are a lot of third-party apps and services that partner with us and ask for permission to use your information. These sites will always provide you with a notification and will always ask your permission if they want to obtain or access the information.

Do you know that there are also some third parties plugins or embedded content on our site that will allow the administrations in knowing that you have visited the site? They will use the information for identifying you.

Will I Get the email Notifications from DjSeotools?

If you are thinking that whether we will send you emails or not. Then there will be several times when we will send you the information about the special offers, new launches or special updates through email.

Sometimes, we also may want to send the information about the services or the products from your business affiliates. Do you know that you can easily disable these notifications any time you want to by unsubscribing the email notification options? You can find the unsubscribe option on DjSeoTools easily.

You can also change the account preferences the way you want.

How our tool handles the Do Not Track Signals?

We honour the Do Not Track signals and keep the browsing in place. We do not allow the behavioural tracking of third-party.

If you are a user coming from EEA, then we will deliver the promotional communications taking your consent as a priority.

Where information is stored when you use the DjSeotools?

All information that we will store that you shared with us will get transferred, stored and processed to the government officials if they need it. The information that will be stored is what type of device are you using, the content that you will save and is synced by other servers as well.

But if you are posting or transferring the information through our site, this means that you are giving the consent to collect information like use content and personal data etc.

Your Data is Safe with Us:

We are dedicated to protect the security of all your information and will take the necessary precautions for protecting it. But you must make sure that internet data transmission is not 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure whether it is wired or wireless.

How to erase Personal Data?

If you want us to erase your personal data from DjSeotools, then you all need to do is contact us by emailing us.

You must make sure that considering the security reasons, the premium users are the first to be asked for cancelling the subscription before they delete the account or cancel the subscription.

For how long my Personal Data will be stored?

You can easily delete all of your Personal Data from DjSeotools easily at any time if you will cancel your account by emailing us. But for some reason, we will store some of the personal data as we will need it later.