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Do you know that page size is an essential factor for making the website more SE optimized? The website page checker tool is one of the best tools for making the website rank faster. As the name states, a page size checker tool can help you check the size of a webpage online.

If the website takes a longer time than normal for loading, you must work on the size of the site. The reason is that it will result in a high bounce rate as the users do have patience, and they will move back. The average size of a small web page is almost 12 KB. And the page of this site will load very quickly.

The more media will be there on the page, the bigger the size will become. And as a result, it will load slower than usual. The videos, images and graphics etc., that are embedded on the page increases its size.

The most important reason why your size must be small is that it will increase the health of your page.


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How To Check Website Size Using Our Tool?

The performance of the site depends on how much time will it take for loading. Our tool will help you in checking the website size online, and as a result, it will improve the performance. More people will stay on your site if the size is reduced, and the bounce rate will become low.

All you have to do is enter the URL, and then you will have to click the submit button. You will soon get the results in no time.


Why Should You Use Our Website Page Size Checker?

There are many reasons why you should choose our page size checker tool that is available online. Our free tool uses the best algorithms for quick and safe searches. Our tool is user friendly, fast and also responsive.


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