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Network Speed Tester

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About Network Speed Tester

Network Speed Test - 100% Free online Tool

Network Speed Test (NST) is a free online tool that helps you test your internet speed. We use our smartphones, tabs, laptops, smart TVs, and PCs by connecting them to the internet. This service is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). A speedy network is essential for your devices to operate without buffering or distortion. If your ISP provides you with a fiber optic connection, it will be super-fast than cable or copper-wire connections. There is always competition among ISPs to provide top-quality speed and service.


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About Network Speed Test Tool

The question arises, what is a good internet speed? How much internet speed do we need? For getting answers to your queries, you can run an internet speed test. A regular internet speed test will tell you the download speed, and the upload speed of your internet. When you get an internet connection, your ISP informs you about the download speed he will provide you and your charge according to the provided speed. You can check the speed of your network by using a network speed test tool.


Download speed and upload speed

Before testing the required internet speed for all the devices, we must understand the difference between download and upload speed.


  • Download speed: It informs about the speed at which your internet connection retrieves data from the internet.

  • Upload speed: Upload is contrary to download. Upload speed reports how fluently your internet connection transmits data from your devices to the internet.


 We purchase internet packages according to the download speed. Download speed is more important than upload speed because most activities rely on it. Streaming videos use download speeds. Streaming is a type of download without being saved on any device. When you watch a drama or movie on YouTube, you only need a specific amount of bandwidth to watch the drama without buffering or stopping during play. You need not download it to watch it. Upload speed is only used when a user uploads an image or photo to social media. A user excessively uses download speeds than upload speeds.


What is a good download speed and upload speed?

Good internet speed varies from person to person and place to place. It depends on personal needs and the location where your services are needed. If your house is located in a village, you might need a super-fast internet speed than a city. 25 Mbps download speed with at least 3 Mbps upload speed is enough for a home. With this download and upload speed, you can watch videos on Youtube channels, play online games and attend Google Classroom or Zoom easily. Besides, between 5 and 25 Mbps is more than enough if you are a student. Mbps means megabits per second; it is a unit that measures the amount of transferring data every second. The bandwidth for playing games online is around 150Mb per hour; you need .7 Mbps to 5.3 Mbps to stream movies on Netflix. Music requires less bandwidth for streaming than movies. If you know the required bandwidth, you can calculate what internet speed is good for you.


About Network Speed Test Tool by djseotools

Sometimes you have some doubts about whether your ISP is providing service according to promised speed or not. If so, there are many internet speed test meters available online to test your internet speed. Our highly professional team has also introduced a free NST tool that helps you verify how fast your internet speed is. It reports to you regarding the exact download and upload speed. On pressing the Start Test button, our tool will evaluate your internet connection speed. Besides, it shows 100% accurate results in no time. For example, you are paying for 25 MB to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) but don't have any idea whether you are receiving the promised speed or not. You can use our NST tool to verify the actual speed. No matter what type of internet connection you have, our NST tool is equally helpful and handy for Local Internet, Broadband, or a Wi-Fi-enabled USB gadget.


Can I test my home network speed?

Of course, there are many network speed test tools available online. The easy way to test your network speed is to use a free online tool having a web browser as Network Speed Tester. Once you access the website, click the Start Test button. The tool will analyze your download and upload speeds. Then, it will show you the download and upload speed within no time. For the best free online network speed test tool, click on this link: http://DjSeoTools.Com. You can also visit this website for other reliable SEO tools like Plagiarism Checker Pro, Keyword Density Checker, Mobile-Friendly Test.


Why should I check my internet speed?

It is vital to check your internet speed if you pay a massive amount for a super-fast net connection. Your Internet Service Provider charges you according to the download speed you demand. Sometimes he doesn't provide you with the high speed you are paying. In this situation, the network speed test is the best option to track your internet speed. We at djseotools offer the fastest Internet connection speed test for you. You can play online games, download music, watch videos, take online classes on Google classroom or zoom, upload photos, and much more without compromising internet speed.


How can I test my Wifi speed?

If you want to check your Wifi speed at home or your office, you will have to perform some tests:


Test#1: You will have to perform a Wifi speed test using multiple devices like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC.

Test#2: You will have to change your location to judge where your wifi delivers strong signals. It always shows the best results near the router. The far your router is, the slower your network speed would be.

Test#3: Perform the test at different times to know your network speed. For example, check it in the morning first, then in the evening or night.


Why should I choose djseotools?

We at djseotools always introduce the best free online SEO tools to decrease your workload. No worries if you are a student, teacher, creative writer, or digital marketer, our tools are equally helpful for all of you. All our tools are 100% free of cost and handy. Besides, you need not get registered before using them.


How to use Network Speed Test Tool by djseotools

First of all, type http://DjSeoTools in your search browser, or you can also paste in your browser. After accessing the tool, click on the Start Test button, and it will start to test. After processing, our NST ( Network Speed Test) tool will scan the maximum download and upload speeds.


Features of our NST tool

Apart from other NST tools available online, our network speed checker has some specific features as:


Super-fast and time saver

No doubt, there are many online tools available for network speed tests, but our tool is second to none among all of them. It is extra fast and shows results in no time. You don't have to wait for minutes or hours as it's a game of seconds for our tool to fetch results. In short, it saves your time.


Accurate and authentic

Besides being fast, our tool is precise and reliable. No one can challenge its accuracy and authenticity. Its robot scans so minutely that no doubt exists about its accuracy.


Free of cost

Unlike other online SEO tools, our network speed checker is 100%free. Almost all NST tools provide you with some basic features for free but demand a heavy amount for advanced features. You don't need to spend even a single penny, as far as our tool is concerned. Besides being free, it is as up-to-date and advanced as paid ones.


Easily accessible:

Network Speed Test by djseotools is easy to access. It is free from all limitations of signup, login, or registration. You need not worry about making an account to access our tool as most platforms do. All you need is that to click on this link


24/7 available:

Our internet speed checker tool provides its services day and night being 24/7 available for your convenience. You can access it anywhere and anytime using any device you want. It is equally handy and user-friendly for mobiles, laptops, and computers.


Our motive:

We at djseotools are always your well-wisher. Our highly qualified professionals struggle day and night to give you their best. Keeping in mind your necessities, we have introduced almost 150 SEO tools. All are 100% free, accurate, super-fast, and user-friendly. The same is the case with our Network Speed Tester. It is designed to help you when you have some doubts regarding your network speed. You only click on the "Start Test" button. Our tool will show you the speed of your net connection in no time. You can also access our other SEO tools like Website Speed Test, Whois Checker, Word Counter, and many more.