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Lorem Ipsum Generator

What does Lorem Impsum mean?

Lorem Ipsum, derived from Latin dolorem-ipsum ("pain in itself") is filler text that publishers and graphic designers use to illustrate graphic elements.

Let's suppose you are creating the ultimate content strategy. Lorem Ipsum stands for placeholder text and is used to represent meaningful content. This allows designers to concentrate on the layout and typography first before moving onto the rest of their strategy. You replace the Lorem Ipsum text before publication with your high-quality content.

Lorem Ipsum text is typically composed of a fragment of De finibus Bonorum et Malorum, a first-century philosophical text written Cicero. To make it nonsensical, words are modified or deleted.

Lorem Ipsum has the advantage of being easy to generate and takes away the need for designers to write meaningful text. Instead, designers can concentrate on creating the best website and then add content to it after a page is designed.

Lorem Ipsum was established in the 1500's as the industry standard for dummy texts. It all started when a printer mixed a collection of type to create a type book.

Software can now create random text that looks like Lorem Ipsum. Apple Pages and Keynote use scrambled placeholder texts, for example. LoremIpsum can be found on Google Docs and WordPress as well as Microsoft Office Word.

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Why do we use Lorem Ipsum?

Readers can easily be distracted by the layout of a page's text. Lorem Ipsum uses normal letters to make it look like standard English, instead of filler text such as "Insert Content Here".

Designers can now focus more on the visual elements of a page and less on what the text actually says.

Lorem Ipsum can be used in almost all design cases. Website design projects such as landing pages and website redesigns, look great when they are fully filled with content. It doesn't matter how beautiful the design work is, it won't show in the end if all the elements are stacked on top of each other.

Lorem Ipsum is especially useful for projects that include social networking design. It's almost impossible to show a social media page layout with no content.