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About Long Tail Keyword Suggestion

Long-tail keyword checker tool

If you want to check long-tail keywords, then DjSeotools has newly introduced a tool for you!

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Why is there a need for searching long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords have low search volume, but if you want to target the visitors for purchase intent, then these keywords can help you a lot. They have three times more conversion rate as compared to short-tail keywords. But here the main problem occurs, there are too many long-tail keywords for each short-tail keyword. So, it can be really hard and challenging to find each short-tail keyword. If there is no proper keyword research software, it can become really hard to find the best keywords.

Our Keyword Research Tool:

DjSeotools come with the best research tools. We have made it really easy for people who want to discover the keywords that you can rank for. If you want to find keywords for which competitors rank, or you want to find semantic keywords, our tools are best for you.

How to use our tool?

Our tool is not only user-friendly but is also free of cost. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website or page and then discover the top leading keywords in the popular search engines. You will get an insight into which keywords are best and you will also know what keywords you must use in the future and how to do proper SEO.

In addition, you can add up to 5 websites of the competitors and easily discover the keywords for which they are ranking.

It depends on how you use the keyword generators. Relying on how you choose the keyword generators, you must add a varying share of long and short-tail keywords. Mix them both. Our tools are also equipped with customizable filters and you can also define the number of words that you will use in the keywords. You can then make lists of the keywords that you will find out and use in your content. It will rank your page or website you want to. Comment below your reviews about our tool and suggest to us the edits you want us to make.