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About Keyword Position Checker

Free Keyword Position Checker


What is Keyword Position?

Keyword Position is your status, ranking, or position on Google Search Engine Result Page (SEPR) for a particular word or phrase. It also means where you stand in Google search results for your specific keyphrase. Keeping a sharp observation check on your keyword position is essential because it makes it easy to know where are you standing?


What is Google keyword position or ranking?

Google keyword position is the rank where your website survives on Google SERP when a user searches for his specific keyword. Google has ten listings on its every page. There are billions of websites, trying day and night, to come up in the good books of Google by ranking higher so, you will have to compete with them for the specific keywords. If you are ranking higher, you will be seen on page # 1. Being on the rank of number 20 means that you stand on the end of page # 2 of Google SERP.


Now the question arises, what is the best and reliable way to check keyword ranking on Google? For this purpose, there are many free and paid online tools, but Keyword Position Checker by DjSeoTools is the best tool you can go with for checking your rank on Google.


keyword position checker

Our keyword position checker is the best free online tool used to analyze the rank of a website or URL in Google Search Engine for a particular keyword. For example, if you are running a website about perfumes, you may concern what rank that website holds on Google SERP for the keyword best perfumes. Our keyword status analyzer helps you find your position on Google 100% free. It's easy to access without sign-up or log-in and as fast, accurate, and reliable as paid tools.


How to use keyword position checker by DjSeoTools

It's pretty easy to use this tool if you are interested in checking the keyword position of any website. You don't need to have any specific experience to use it. Here are some easy steps to follow for having your desired results.


Step #1: Tap on this link


Step #2: Enter the URL of the website in the box, saying “Enter your domain name.” It means

the website whose rank or status you want to analyze.


Step #3: Enter those keywords you want to check in the rectangular box saying keywords.


Step #4: You can check positions up to 50 to 500 per check. Select your desired number by clicking on a v shape sign on the right side of the box. But Keep in mind to enter keywords separately per line.


Step #5: After entering the required information, click on “Find keywords position” to start the process. Within a couple of seconds, our super fast analyzer will show you the rank of your desired website for specific keywords. With these final results, you will have a solid idea of accomplishing your targeted goal.


Disclaimer: We respect your privacy


Our keyword position ranker is the best free online SEO tool. AS it is 100% free so, you can get access to it without spending even a single dollar or penny. It is available to serve you 24/7. It's accurate, fast, and reliable. You can access it without any lengthy procedure of registration. By focusing on where you stand in Google SERP, you can progress and rank higher. If you find this tool helpful, click on the link to try other SEO tools like Plagiarism Checker Pro, Keyword Density Checker, Article Rewriter Pro, Website Speed Checker, URL Shortener, and many more.