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Keyword Density Checker is a free online tool that helps analyze the keyword density on any web page. Content is king. It plays a vital role in SEO. It is equally crucial for Search Engine Optimization and for the audience which comes on your page to search for something. The type of keywords you use, where and how many times you use them impact the ranking of your page in Google Search Engine Results. Our Keyword Density Checker allows you for a free keyword density analysis of your web page. Further, you can also use this tool for free to carry out the keyword density analysis of your competitors. It also enables you to analyze how to distribute the keywords within the website content.


Before knowing about how to use our Keyword Analyzer Tool, let's see


What is Keyword Density and, how to calculate it?

Keyword density is the ratio of the focus keyword you use in your webpage content. It is the percentage of your target keyword compared to the total words. If in an article of 500 words, you use your target keyword 5 times. It simply means the percentage of your focus keyword is the keyword density of your content. The simple and easy method to measure the keyword density is to divide the number of times a specific keyword occurs in a text by the total number of words in the text and multiply the result by one hundred to get your percentage. This formula can make your learning procedure easy.


Number. of times the target keyword appears / Total no. of words used in the article.


Keyword Density




5/500 x 100 = 1% (In the above example)


Keyword Density Checker: Why use it?

Keyword density checker is very valuable for SEO purposes. You can analyze the keyword density of your webpage by using it. It is easy to use and accessible, 100% free of cost, and available 24/7.


You can use it for many reasons as:

  • To check the percentage of your focus keyword in your webpage content.
  • To analyze the keyword density of websites of your competitors.
  • To find the best keywords that you can use on your web page.
  • To check why your website lacks harmony with high-ranking websites on Google SERP.
  • To analyze whether the content is unique or has keyword clustering and stuffing.


How to use Keyword Density Checker

Our keyword density analyzer is easy to access without any registration and easy to use. It's a 100% free online tool having all the features as paid tools. Checking keyword density while using this tool is very simple and easy. You only need to access our keyword density analyzer via this link After searching this tool in the search bar, you will enter a page. Here you can measure free online keyword density by entering a valid URL of the webpage you want to analyze just in a single click. It will present a detailed list of keyword density of each keyword separately with count and percentage immediately, high-density keywords above, and lowest density keywords at the bottom. You will get the results within a matter of seconds.


Disclaimer: We respect your privacy

Our keyword density SEO tool is the best free online SEO tool available 24/7. It's reliable as we do not view or store any data. We respect your privacy. Click on the link to try other SEO tools like Plagiarism Checker Pro, Article Rewriter Pro, , URL Shortener and, many more. What are you waiting for?