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Image Crop Tool


About Image Crop Tool

Image Crop Tool

DjSeoTools' free online image crop tool allows you to achieve a precise cutout of the photo you desire by cropping your images.


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How to use the DjSeoTools Image crop tool?

  • Upload the image on this tool that you wish to crop.

  • You can crop your image after it has been loaded by selecting the cropping options from the down navigation bar of the canvas.
  • The changes will be applied to the preview after you click on any button.
  • On the left-hand side, you may select the format in which you want to save your file, as well as quality and DPI.
  • After that, select "Download' from the down menu.

Why do you need to crop the images?

Many writers, bloggers, and content companies will locate an image and utilize it as is, but this is not a good strategy. They should edit, retouch, and crop the shot using a good image cropper tool if necessary.

If you have a strict layout with a specific picture area, you'll need to resize and crop the image to suit the space properly. Image cropper, often known as crop image online, is a useful photo cropping tool in any blogger's or content creator's toolkit that is sometimes overlooked. You will not be able to look at an image the same way again once you realize the power of the cropped image online tool.


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What image cropping options do you have with DjSeoTools?

  • Custom Size: You can specify a precise size for the crop area and then move the crop area about to acquire the exact portion of the image that you like.
  • Custom Dragging: Use the crop section in the preview to crop your photo or image to the exact portion of the image you desire.
  • Aspect Ratio: Select a preset ratio from the side menu. Changing the width and length of the crop area will always consider the ratio you have specified.