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HTML Encoder

This free HTML Encoder Tool can be used to convert all of the appropriate characters to their matching HTML entities online and in real-time.


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DjSeoTools HTML Encoder is the best too available:

DjSeoTools is pleased to provide you with the finest and quickest online URL Encoder tool completely free of charge. This online URL Encoder tool is incredibly useful for adding special characters to a URL parameter, which is also known as per cent-encoding and is commonly referred to as such. It is necessary to replace any unallowable characters with a percent (percent sign) and an additional two hexadecimal values during the URL encoding procedure.


How to use the DjSeoTools HTML Encoder tool?

When you input a string of text to the space provided or upload a file to encode, the DjSeoTools free online URL Encoder tool works. All you have to do now is click the "Encode" button, and the results will appear immediately.

When you need to convert an encoded JavaScript URL with barely readable text to a more readable text, this will come in helpful. A non-alphanumeric letter or character is usually included in the URL, which is then encoded as "percent" (percent symbol), followed by a few alphanumeric texts. After that, the "+" symbol will be used to encode white spaces in a text.

Only the ASCII character set can transfer URLs to the Internet. Because these URLs contain characters that are not part of the ASCII set, they must be transformed to an ASCII format that can be used. This URL encoding uses a percent symbol (%) followed by two hexadecimal numbers to replace unsafe ASCII characters. A plus sign (+) or percent 20 is used for a space in URL encoding.

So if you want to encode your URL, our free online tool will do the job for you.