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Hex Calculator

To use Hexadecimal Calculator, enter the values in the input boxes below and click on the Calculate button.


About Hex Calculator

Hex Calculator

The Hex Calculator is used for performing functions like subtraction, multiplication, addition, and division on two hexadecimal numbers.


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What is Hex?

The Hexadecimal or Hexadecimal number systems work in the same way as the binary and decimal systems. The base numbers 10, 2 and 9 are not used. Instead, 16 is used. Hexadecimal number systems consider 16 digits that include the numbers 0 through 9. It uses the alphabets B, C, D and E to indicate the numbers between 10 and 15.

Hex Addition

The Hexadecimal numbering system uses the same concept as the addition of decimal. The numbers are represented by the alphabetical letters F, A,B,C and D. Below is an example of Hex addition.

Hex Subtraction

Subtraction in Hex works similarly to addition. However, the Hex "1" denotes that borrowing is done in Hex and not 10decimal. The column it was taken from is 16 times the one it came from. If the conversions and computations for the alphabetical letters A to F are done correctly, subtraction is much easier than the decimal subtraction. Below is an example of extractio:

The hexadecimal addition calculator is a quick tool that can be used to help you with hexadecimal addition.

Hex Multiplication

Multiplication in the Hex decimal systems can be tricky because computations from the hex system into the decimal system require more care and attention because the numbers are higher value. Below is an example of Hex multiplication.

How the division is done?

The hex system's greater calculation capabilities are comparable to those of division in decimal. Users can convert decimal to perform greater divisions in decimal. Then it can be recalculated from the point it started. Below is an example of hex division.


Hexadecimal calculator can be used to perform hex addition, subtraction, and division without the use of pen and paper. The hex calculator can be used to add two hex values. The hex calculator also allows you to convert two values into four calculations, including multiplication, division and subtratction. Binary to and Binary to Hex Converter can be used to convert numbers into hex.