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Free proxy lists

Although free proxy lists are often viewed as a blessing in disguise, they can quickly become a nightmare. Finding a free proxy list is like finding gold only to discover that too many others have claimed it.

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Also, it is often too good to true that free proxy services for web scraping can be found. While new proxies may work for a time, more sites will block them as they are used more often. Paid proxy addresses can also be blocked, but they are less likely to be blacklisted than free proxy addresses. Free proxies are not as secure because the provider does not have control over how proxy addresses are used. IPs can also be blacklisted for various reasons.

You can use IPs from free proxy servers to share addresses with anonymous web surfers or web scrapers. They often don't care about proxy viability and forego IP rotation or other ways of avoiding bans. It doesn't matter what you did in order to block an address, but what another did in order to get it blocked. However, the main benefit of free proxy services is the obvious. They're free. What is the best free proxy? We know that not all proxy lists are created equal. This is why we created this list of the top 10 best free proxies.


A web proxy is a proxy that is used to conceal your IP address when attempting to access restricted websites. It is a type of unblock proxy or proxy server that does not require installation and can be used by any online browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, among others. A free web proxy does not require any additional configuration to work.

Proxy Servers Can Help You be Smarter:

Web proxies can achieve some remarkable things, such as:

  • To conceal the true IP address
  • To conceal your geographical location
  • to provide access to websites that have been prohibited
  • When you use a free web proxy to access to the internet, the "proxy"

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