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There are a lot of different websites that are life and are also operational on the internet. Those websites are efficiently hosted and managed by different web servers. These web servers are located all across the world.

For finding a website and from where that website is being hosted requires a proper directory. And without this thing, it would be virtually impossible for finding websites. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and do you know that it is the largest digital database.  

The database of DNS contains all the information about each and every website present in the world. The domain names of the websites are stored along with their IP addresses in the database.


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Finding DNS Records:

If someone wants to find DNS records of any domain, then they will need to use an SEO tool. This SEO tool will start fetching and then displaying the records. For doing this, you will have to go to on our tool page using your search browser. Then you need to scroll down the icons until you are at the spot of 'Find DNS records'. After that, you have to click on it. Then copy and paste or type the name of the domain of the website. Then you will have to press the submit button. As a result, you will see the information. The list that you will receive will also have ‘MX’ NS,’ ‘SOA,’ and ‘TXT’ records.

All of the information that is in the DNS records will be very helpful to know the exact environment in which your domain or any other domain is operating and all the parameters that are associated with it.

Our tool is not only best, but it is also free of cost. So, using our tool means that you are using something more than perfect.