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Donate Button Generator

Add a donate button to your website

Note:   Paste the above code before closing your body tag and also Jquery library is required to execute the code.

About Donate Button Generator

Donate Button Generator

Donations are a great way to show appreciation and help others. It is a good idea to include PayPal donate buttons if you offer any free services. Many users will donate to you, which could be useful for your free services.


Donate Button Generator

To create an embed code for your PayPal donate button, you can use the free PayPal button generator tool

•          Choose the color for your button.

•          Select the position in which you would like to place the donate button. There are five positions available: left, right footer, footer right, footer middle, and footer right.

•          PayPal Email - type your PayPal email address.


Previewing Donate Button:

To see a live demo of your donate button, click on the "Preview” button. On the selected position, the donate button will appear as a slide-out widget. To expand the widget, click on it. The position can be tested based on the layout of your website and you can adjust the colors if necessary.


Donations Amount:

The default values displayed by the tool are 5USD, 15USD. 25USD, 50USD and 50USD. 100USD can be entered in the text box. To edit 100USD, users can enter any amount they wish and send it to the PayPal email address.


Generating Donate Button:

Once you're satisfied with the demo page display, click the "Generate" button. This will generate the HTML code for the PayPal donate button. This code must be embedded in the body of the page where you wish to display the button. To make the button work, you will also need the jQuery library. Most website builders use jQuery by default. If the button doesn't work, download the jQuery script and link it to the footer of your website.


PayPal Donations Limitations:

The tool will generate the donation button based upon your PayPal email address. PayPal doesn't allow donations that are based on legal restrictions in a country. When you click on the PayPal checkout button, you will see the error as below. This error is not caused by the widget but PayPal.