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Domain to IP Tool:

Domain names are used for searching websites. Most of us mark these sites and then open them further. The IP address plays a vital role in this. There is a database system containing the data of all the websites present on the internet.

An IP address is used to identify one site from another. Every domain has an address assigned to it. An IP address is called Internet Protocol. It is a unique addressing system used to identify all the computers or mobile devices that access the internet.


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How IP Works:

When a person connects to the internet using any device, mobile phone or tablet, they get identified by P address. If there is no unique addressing system, it will be hard to operate or manage the internet for Internet Service Providers.

An IP address includes 4 numbers set in them. Each of them has 1 to 3 numbers. Each A single dot separates each number set range of the numbers is from 0 to 225. These numbers are called the key that user uses to access the websites.

How to Find the IP Address?

There are many ways through the IP address of the website. You can use commands like “ping” or “tracer” for finding an IP address. But you will not get any other information through it.

If you want some detailed info about the IP, we are here to help you find the address for you in no time. You will get the domain to IP tool using our specific tool. All you have to do is enter the URL of the website and then click on the submit button. The tool will display all the required information like domain name, ISP and country, etc., and IP address. So, you must use our tool for details.

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