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Check Gzip compression - Free SEO Tool

To minimize the number of files on your website, ensure Gzip Compression is enabled. Test with DjSeoTools how much it has sped up the transfer of files from your servers to your web user's browser.

What is meant by gzip compression?

Before being delivered to the visitor's browser, GZIP compression is used to minimize the size of web pages on the webserver. This practice reduces bandwidth and allows pages to load and show much more quickly than otherwise. After that, the pages are automatically decompressed by the visitors' web browser. Only a fraction of a second is required for this compression and decompression.

Why do we need to compress the files?

Recent years have seen many websites use GZIP Compression to make their files smaller when they upload them to web hosts. It was made to help website owners make the process faster for them. In this way, the browsers are taking care of the compressed files and decompressing them so that users can see them.

Today, most websites are full of visual, illustrations, audio, written texts, and video content that you can't get enough of. It takes a long time for the browsers to load the content of the files that are not compressed. People use a lot of bandwidth and space on their servers, so these files help them save money and space by handling many files. It will end up putting less strain on the server.

How can you check if the fie is gzip-compressed?

You can easily do an online GZIP test with the DjSeoTools "Check Gzip Compression". Our team (comprised of very skilled people) has made the gzip compression tester tool to accommodate the expectations of our users. You might not have found such a quick online tool to check for compression before.