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About Bulk URL Shortener

URL Shortener

URL Shortener is one of our best free online tools, designed by djseotools for shrinking your long and bulky URLs. It makes them tiny and also beautifies them in a presentable way.


What is a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator, commonly known as the URL, is the home address of a particular website or web page. When you type the URL of a site into the search bar, it loads and opens the site's homepage or webpage linked with that URL.


A brief history of URLs

Links have been medium of online connection from one webpage or site to another since the advent of the internet. When you search for something, you click on a link or type a link into the Google search bar. There’s no other way to approach a website. You can share links directly, embed them or use a link shortener to make your links short and beautiful. Twitter and other social media platforms discourage long URLs.


What is a URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener is a tool that generates short and precise URLs for your websites and webpages. We at djseotools have the best, free, online URL Shortener tool that changes the bulky URL of your website into a short one. It generates shortened, compact, easy to understand, and easy to learn URLs. URL plays an essential role in the SEO of your website. Shortened URLs take the users directly to the required site or page.


What is a Custom URL Shortener?

Custom link shortening means connecting your custom domain to a URL shortener instead of using generic domains like goo.gl or rebrand.ly. It is a service that generates branded short URLs. It works as the base for all your created shrunk links. You can track your domain on social media with the help of Custom Url Shortener. With the help of your custom link, you can reach analytical statistics about your target users. It would be helpful for you to formulate your future business strategies. We always recommend using your custom domain while sharing links online as it leads to improving link trust, brand awareness, and click-through rate.




How does a short URL enhance your ranking on Google SERP?

Google always recommends and admires SEO-friendly URLs. It is easy to locate, read and understand short URLs for Google and other search engines. Bulky URLs not only make the website incompatible, but it is also not easy for Google to crawl each webpage. Furthermore, long URLs badly affect Google SERP and result in the worst search rankings.


The main parts of a URL:

A URL consists of five main parts:

  • The scheme

  • Subdomain,

  • Second-level domain

  • Top-level domain

  • Subdirectory.



It is the first part of the URL. It indicates the web servers what protocol to choose when it accesses a page on your site. HTTPS is the most common scheme that notifies your web browser to encrypt any personal data you enter so that hackers can’t access it.



An additional part of the domain name is called the subdomain. You create subdomains to help manage and navigate to different partitions of your main website. You can create as many subdomains as required to access all pages of your site.


Second-level domain:

The second-level domain (SLD) is the name of your site. It enables people to understand they are visiting a particular website. For example, people at “djseotools.com” know that they are on a website related to SEO tools.


Top-level domain:

A top-level domain comprises a group of letters that emerge as part of a website address URL. For example, in http://djseotools.com, .com is the TLD. .com stands for commercial and, .gov stands for governmental organizations. Similarly, .edu is specific for educational institutions.



A subdirectory or subfolder helps people understand which specific section of a webpage they have landed on right now. For example, if you sell jewelry, handbags, and perfumes, one of your site’s URLs could look like “https://shop.onlinestore.com/perfumes”. In this example, "shop" is the subdomain whereas, "perfumes" is the subdirectory. It means the “perfumes” page is a subfolder of the “Shop” page. Jewelry and handbags are other subfolders of this page.


Why do we use a link Shortener?

We use a Link Shortener keeping these attributes in mind. Some of them are as follows:


Short URLs are more attractive:

Short URLs are always more attractive because they make your content appealing and presentable. They grab attention and seem more adorable on social media.


Shrunk URLs improve SEO:

Shrunk URLs are always easier to manipulate than bulky ones; Google and other search engines always recommend using them from SEO perspectives. Search engine optimization plays a vital role in ranking your website higher on Google SERP and other search engines. URLs are always paramount as they describe your webpage. A pro tip to make your website SEO-friendly and top ranking is to use seed keywords in the URL.


Limited characters for the Twitter post:

Twitter has a limit of 280 characters that doesn't let users post long URLs. Therefore, the post should be to the point and brief. So, it would be challenging for you to paste a long URL if you want to share your website URL with your followers.


Tiny URLs are more reliable:

People consider them more reliable than those with complex characters. They feel easy to click on them, as they are more appealing and precise than the lengthy ones.


Easy to remember

It is simple to copy-paste, read, and remember tiny URLs. You can easily share them with your friends, family, and customers. In addition, they help to drive the users directly to the required site or page.


Convert lengthy links into shrunk URLs with our URL Shortener

This free URL shortener is designed to convert lengthy URLs into simple and attractive ones. There are always high chances of mistakes while writing long URLs. Similarly, they are difficult to remember or even copy for pasting. You need a tool that will enable you to generate a short and presentable URL.


How to shrink URL with URL Shortener by DjSeoTools

It is simple enough to shrink a URL within a couple of seconds by using our tool. Here are some instructions to follow:


  • Browse DjSeoTools.com for landing on our homepage.

  • Type "Bulk URL Shortener" in the search bar saying "Type a word to find our free SEO tools".

  • After landing on the page, you will see a box with instructions "Enter your URL(with HTTP/HTTPS Protocol)."

  • Paste your URL in that specific box and click on the "Submit" button.

  • In a matter of seconds, our super-fast tool will generate a shortened URL for you.


Features of URL Shortener by DjSeoTools

DjSeoTools has designed different SEO tools to decrease your workload and help you regarding SEO. One of them is our free online URL Shortener that generates a short link. Here are some salient features of this SEO-friendly tool.


100% free of cost.

Many online URL Shorteners provide their service for free but, their features are limited. You have to buy their paid version for advanced features. As far as our link shrinker is concerned, it is free from all limitations. It provides you with all features 100% free without paying a massive amount.


Speedy and reliable

This tool competes with other online tools in its speed and reliability. Its result is unique, accurate, and precise. You only need to enter your long and bulky Url in it. It will generate an appealing and attention-grabbing URL within a few seconds.


No personal data is required for registration.

Perhaps this is one of the best features of this tool that allows you to use it without any sign-up or login. You don't need to provide your data like name, email address and, contact number to make an account to get in. You only need to browse DjSeoTools.com for being on our homepage.


User-friendly and time-saving:

It's a user-friendly and time-saving best free SEO short URL generator. You can easily use it if you are not an expert at using SEO tools. It saves time and generates a shrunk URL for you in the blink of an eye. You need to access it with a good internet connection.


Role of a short URL in ranking you higher on Google SERP

Google always recommends and admires SEO-friendly URLs. It is easy to locate, read and understand short URLs for Google and other search engines. Bulky URLs not only make the website incompatible, but it is also not easy for Google to crawl each webpage. Furthermore, long URLs badly affect Google SERP and result in the worst search rankings.


Our Motive

Our chief objective in making the URL Shortener tool is to help you generate tiny and shrunk URLs for your site without wasting massive money on paid tools. It is the best free online tool that beautifies your long URLs by converting them into short ones. DjSeoTools always aim to design the handiest free tools that help you perform your tasks more conveniently.