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Not only your content but your backlinks play an important role in making your web page perform better and be on top of search engine results pages (SERPs). If you keep the importance of the backlinks in your mind, then there are more chances that your site may rank higher.

You can only get the idea of your backlinks if you know how to check them. We provide the free backlink checker tool to assist you to rank your profile easily. Moreover, you can make the performance of content the best.


What is DjSeotools’ Back Link Checker?

We are here with the best tool for your site from which you can easily discover and also track where your backlinks are coming. Moreover, you can also perform backlink analysis and easily audit from any site you want.

You can easily see which keywords you can use with the backlink checker tool and how to rank your pages with those. Another best part is that you will easily find your competitors and examine what backlinks they are using.


How to use the Backlink Checker Tool?

The best part of our backlink checker is that it is easy to use. It will show the URL of the specific web page that link backs to your site. Moreover, it will also show you the exact anchor text that is linking back to your website.

Below are a few easy steps that you may follow to use our tool:

  1. First, you will come to our page, make sure you have stable internet connection
  2. Then you have to enter the URL in the given space. Add the URL of the main domain or the particular page you want to target
  3. Then click on the submit button
  4. You will see the results in a few moments

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